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        2021-10-19 12:12:49文/陶凱月




        Good morning, everyone! I am (). Now I’ll say section A of Unit3.This is my sister. Go For It! The title is “This is my sister ”. I’ll say the lesson from four parts:

        一、Analysis of teaching materials

        二、Teaching methods

        三、Guide of studying ways

        四、Teaching procedure

        一: Analysis of the teaching material

        (一) Status and function

        1. The main topic of this unit is “family tree ”. In this unit, the Ss will learn t o speak the new words of family members and introduce the family members to others. This is a topic that is related to their daily life. So it can raise thei r learning interests and improve their spoken English.

        (二) Teaching aims and demands

        1. Knowledge Objects

        In this lesson, Ss should master the new words “grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, father, mother, parent, brother, sister, friends …” etc. At the sam e time, they should know how to use these sentences “this/that is my mother/father/brother/sister/grandfather... These/those are my parents/grandparents/brothers/sisters/friends...”and know how to answer these questions.

        2. Abillity Objects

        In this lesson, I’ll mainly train the Ss ' abilities of listening and speaking and develop t he Ss’ abilities of communication by learning the useful vocabul aris and structures.

        3. Moral Objects

        In this lesson, the Ss should learn how to work with others and help eac h other, how to impress their own ideas during the communication.

        4.Teaching keys and difficulties

        According to the teaching aims, I think the focus of this lesson are the n ew expressions of family members and help the Ss to communicate with each other. The difficulty is to distinguish the use of "this" and"that", "these/those"

        二、Teaching methods

        In this lesson, I’ll mainly use the "Task-based Language Teaching" method , an d it will be used in the whole lesson. I think it’s helpful to develop the Ss’ t hought. I’ll also use “Situational Language Teaching ” method. It can provide enough listening and speaking situations for Ss. I think good teaching methods are the keys to success.

        三、Guide of studying ways

        In order to guide the Ss better, develop the Ss’ abillities, in this lesson, the S s will learn how to be a good language learner , and how to communicate wit h others. It will be very helpful for their learning in the future. I think good s tudying ways can help the Ss to be good language learners.

        四、Teaching procedure

        1. Warm-up

        In order to form a better English surrounding for Ss, attract the Ss’ attention, I'll show them a book or a key or Sth in hand to help Ss to remember what they have learned last class. Then I'll show Ss a famous person's family photo to lead what we will learn today. The Ss may have more interesting to discu ss the people. I think a good beginning is a half of success.

        2. Presentation

        Let the Ss look at the picture .

        Ask: Whose family photo is this?How many people in his family? Then help t he Ss answer: This is Xia Xue's family photo. There are 5 people.

        Then write the key words on the Bb and use this picture to teach the new wo rds: mother, father, brother, sister, cet. And lead the Ss to read after me one by one.

        Image I'm Xia Xue, and begin to introduce "my" family: This is my mother a nd that is my father. They are my parents. This is my sister. That is my brot her. (But my grandfather and grandmother are not here.)

        Then move to the 1a in this unit to practice more. This activity can not only help the Ss grasp the meaning of these new words, but also remember the wo rds easily. I'll show more pictures to consolidate the vocabularies and let ss pa y more attention to "this" and "that", "these" and "those". And let ss pay the r ole of Dave and Lin Hai in group and change the role. Then invite one group to show their dialogue. The Ss at this age enjoy showing themselves, so it ca n also improve their studying interests, I think it’s most important during study ing, because interest is a best teacher.

        3. Listening practice

        Ask the Ss finish 1b. I think it’s eas ier for them to do it right now. In order to deep improve their listening ability, I will ask them to read the dialogue , because listening is insparable from reading.This activity can not only help the Ss grasp the meaning of these new words, but also improve the Ss' listening skills.

        4. Discussion

        Tell the Ss: The transportation we choose mainly depends on how far the plac es are, different distances, we’ll choose different transportations. and different t ransportations ,

        It will take different time.

        Then let the Ss look at the list, ask them to discuss : “How do they get to s chool?”

        Finally, ask the Ss to practice in pairs like this:

        A:How far is from Wang Min’s home to his school?

        B:It’s 500 meters

        A:How does he get to school?

        B:He gets to school on foot.

        A:How long does it take?

        B:It takes 5 minutes.

        This activity can help them learn to work together with others and can improv e their speaking skills. The most important thing is that it can improve the Ss’ ability of solving problems, it’s a kind of important ability for both their dail y life and future life.

        5. Listening practice

        In Part Four, Ss have understood different ways of transportation takes differen t time. In this step, I’ll ask the Ss to name the five ways of transportation fir st. It can help them finish it more easily. Then play the tape, while the Ss lis tening , I’ll go around the classroom and help the Ss who have trouble in list ening . It can not only help the Ss who have trouble in listening, but also hel p the teachers go closer to the Ss. I think the closer the teachers go to the Ss , the better the students will learn 。I f necessary, I’ll play the tape again. Fina lly, check the answers.

        6. Do a survey

        Ask the Ss to do a survey : How far is from your partner’s home to your sc hool? How does he (she) get to school? How long does it take? Then report i t .

        7. Homework

        In order to train the Ss’ writing skills , I’ll ask them write down the report th at they did in Part 6.


        Good morning, everyone. My name is...., I come from.... I`m very happy and excited to stand here, it is my great honor to be here to present my lesson. My teaching topic is.... I`ll talk about it by 8 parts.

        The analysis of teaching material.

        The analysis of students.

        The analysis of teaching aims and demands.

        The analysis of teaching importances and difficulties.

        The analysis of teaching methods.

        The analysis of teaching procedures.

        Blackboard design.

        Teaching reflection.

        Well, firstly, I`ll talk about Part 1 the analysis of teaching material. My teaching topic is... from Unit...Go For It Junior English Book 1A, which published by People Education Press. In this period, the main language function is to practice listening and speaking skills around....as well as the communicative skills of.....

        Then I`ll talk about next part the analysis of the students. It is known to us that most of students had learned English for about....years. They are curious about new things and have a strong desire to learn better. However, their Engish tearning level are different from each other. They need teachers` help and encouragement in their further study.

        Next I`ll talk about teaching aims and demands. There are knowledge aims, ability aims and emotional aims. The knowledge aims are to enable the students to master the new words.....the phrases....and the sentenses.....The ability aims are to obtain the abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing around.....to train the students` abilities of using language, to guide the students to talk about....using the expressions of....and to develop the students` ability of creative thinking and cooperative study. The emotional aims are to enable.....

        Let`s move on to another part: the analysis of teaching importances and difficulties. The teaching importances are....The teaching difficulties are.....

        Next is teaching methods. I use...methods in my lesson. There are multimedia computer assisted instruction, task-based activities, situational approach, total physical response or the audio-lingual method.

        Now I`ll talk about teaching procedures. According to five steps teaching method, I design my lesson into five steps.

        Step 1 is warm-up. Here I`ll....By this, the students can be interested in it and pay their attention to our class easily and....

        Step 2 is lead-in. Here I`ll....By this, the students.....

        Step 3 is presentation. Here I`ll.....By this, the students......

        Step 4 is practice. Here I`ll....By this, the students......

        Step 5 is homework. Here I`ll......By this ,the students.....

        Next is my blackboard design. I`ll design it like this.....

        At last, I want to say, to be a good teacher is my dream. I think a teacher is not only a guide for sudents, but also a friend of them. If I were a teacher, I would build a close relation with my students, helping them not only on their study but also on their lives. I`ll try my best, and I have confident that I can do it.

        Ok, that`s all. Thanks for your listening. Good-bye.